Container Gardening in Your Lewsiville Apartment

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Gardening is something people in homes take for granted. It’s easy to grow fresh fruit and vegetables when you have a nice, open yard; but don’t be fooled by space, you can create your own garden in an apartment. Believe it or not, there are simple ways to container garden in your apartment that won’t take up too much space or cause too much of a fuss. If you want to start a garden in your Hebron 121 apartments, check out some of the tips below.

Let the Light In

The sun is an amazing thing. It keeps our world turning and keeps plants growing. There are great plants that can grow in darkness, but none of them produce food. To actually taste the fruits of your labors, you need to find a place with sun. Is there a window in your kitchen, living room or bedroom that gets about 4-6 hours of light per day? If so, position your garden in or around that window. You may need to rotate your spot throughout the year. As much as we want the sun to stay, it changes with the seasons. So, remember to rotate your plants.

Pick the Right Plant Home

When it comes to picking a container, keep it simple. Plants thrive in containers with a draining hole and a dish. That’s all you need! Also, keep the materials simple. Terra cotta pots and planters are pretty, but they aren’t the most compact. You could do well with even a plastic container as long as it fits the plant and fits your space. Just make sure you don’t forget the drainage dish.

Start with Herbs

When it comes to container gardening, we can’t recommend herbs enough. They’re a great place to start and they can aid in almost every dish you make. Some of the best herbs to grow indoors are basil, bay leaves, chives, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, and thyme.

Are you ready to garden in your Hebron 121 apartment? Drop a comment and let us know!

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