Last minute Halloween Costume Ideas

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All the Halloween parties are starting this week! If you haven’t had the time or the budget to go shopping, don’t worry! A little bit of imagination can take you a long way. Halloween is the best opportunity to get creative and to have fun playing around with some of your old accessories and clothes. So here are some easy DIY Halloween costumes you can put together in minutes!



Looking like a trendy person that just traveled back in time from the ’60s is easier than you think! Look for your most bohemian-looking blouse and dust-off those flared-legged jeans. If you have long hair, let it loose! Use a bandana as a headband or as a scarf. For more accessories, you can buy a giant peace sign necklace and round glasses!



Be a cat for Halloween! It is cute and almost effortless. Get all your tightest, one solid-color clothes, and paint some whiskers on your cheeks with eyeliner or dark lipstick. To make your cat ears, use a headband. Here’s an easy tutorial that shows many ways to create a variety of cat ears! Want to go the extra mile by making a tail? Cut and stuff an old stocking or pantyhose! You can attach the tail to your pants or by using a safety pin! If you feel you cannot make either of these yourself, luckily cat and other animal ears and tails are sold as accessories in many stores, especially during Halloween season.



The way witches look has evolved a lot throughout history. You can be a modern-day witch that attends Hogwarts and wears a cloak and a colorful scarf, or you can use an old long dress and a tall pointy hat! If you have any eccentric accessories, such as rings and necklaces, the more you put on, the better! Don’t forget to wear some silly shoes to complete the look! Want to spice it up a little? Do your make-up in colors you generally do not use and add a dark birthmark by your eye!


Which of these last-minute costume ideas will you be putting together for that party you just got invited too? If you have any other recommended last-minute Halloween costumes, share with us in the comments!

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