Staying warm in Lewisville, Texas

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Days in Lewisville are getting colder! And with the recent daylight savings time, we are running a bit low on our very needed daily intake of sunshine… So, how can we stay cozy? Here are some tips to keep warm inside your apartment at Hebron 121.


Letting the sun rays in.

Open up the blinds during the day to let the sunrays in! If you leave early every morning, you will come back to your apartment being warm – it’s a better alternative than leaving the heater on as it will help you save energy and money.


Doubling it up.

Bring out the blankets from your closet. It’s that time! Having extra blankets comes in handy this time of the year. It is also a good idea to keep a few rolled blankets in your living room, next to the sofas. That way, you can stay cozy anywhere in your apartment.


Lighting candles.

Candles are an excellent way to keep a subtle ambiance lighting inside your apartment. They will also help dry out the air if it’s too moist. You can even pick a mild scent such as cotton or linen to add a little extra feeling of comfort to your apartment home. It’s your preference! Just remember not to leave candles unattended and to blow them off if you have to go.



That’s right! If you like to bake, take advantage of the oven’s heat. Leave it open once you are done baking, after turning it off. As it’s cooling, it will release it’s remaining heat into all the surrounding areas. As the holidays are coming up, this tip is a good excuse!


Carpets and rugs.

If your apartment does not have a carpet, consider buying rugs to cover large areas of the floor. Having rugs will help you and your roommates be more comfortable, especially if you like to walk barefoot.


So there you are! These were some easy and eco-friendly tips to stay warm this season. How are you staying cozy in Rowlett this winter? Share your tips with your neighbors at Hebron 121!

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