A Rainy Day in Your Lewisville Apartments

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A Rainy Day in Your Lewisville Apartments

This time of year can bring with it plenty of downpours and cold rainy days. However, if you’re doing it right, you will not try to fight against it. On the exact contrary, you will embrace it! Once you discover how fun and enjoyable a rainy day can be, we promise your gloomy mood would cease! We’ve got a couple of suggestions that you can embrace right from your chic Lewisville apartments!

Things to Do in Your Apartment on a Rainy Day

You had plans, we get it. But don’t let a rainy day put a damper on your parade. Instead, an overcast sky and the sounds of thunder in the distance is the perfect cue to round up some pals, and get ready for a fun-filled day in! Transform your luxury apartment into a cozy movie marathon haven.

Let the Movie Marathon Begin!

The secret to a successful movie marathon is to select a movie trilogy. Yes, this is actually a well-kept secret (perhaps not)! Anyways, if the amount of options is overwhelming, start by narrowing down which era or theme you want to look into.

Perhaps a throwback 90s movie marathon is your rainy day flavor. In that case, The Mighty Ducks Trilogy may be just right. Perhaps an 80s throwback like Back to the Future Trilogy may be the right choice!

If you are looking for an action trilogy that spans three decades, perhaps Terminator (1985, 1991, and 2003)) is what you are looking for!

A rainy day is a great way to spend an afternoon catching up with friends over some hot cocoa or coffee.

It’s Time to Kick Back

A gloomy day doesn’t have to stay gloomy. A rainy day is the right excuse to round up some of your pals and kick back with hot beverages, and watching some of your favorite all-time trilogy movies.

What are some of your favorite movies to watch on a rainy day? Share with us and let us know in the comments!

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