How to Tackle Working Remotely From Your Apartment

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Has the ole office environment shifted for you recently? Working remotely comes with its pros and cons. With the right tools and mindset, you can make your experience a positive one! Here are some ways to maximize your new remote work schedule while living here at Hebron 121.


Create a Dedicated Home Office Space


Don’t fall for the trap of working from your bed. Getting too comfy can derail your work schedule. The best way to fight the urge to laze is by snazzing up your home office. Whether you have a whole room dedicated to your work or simply a corner desk, separating your productivity space from your sleep space is key. Here are some suggestions on how you can spruce up your workstation!


Stick to a Set Schedule


Another common pitfall that comes with working remotely is losing track of your daily to-do list. While you may have experienced a change in your workplace, keeping a set schedule while working from home can help prevent further loss in structure. Remember to wake up at the same time, get dressed, and engage in light exercise. That way, you continue to stay healthy and focused on your tasks!


Take Breaks When Needed


When change comes, it’s easy to pull yourself in too many directions when trying to maintain stability. Try not to stress! Taking breaks when you need them will make your remote work experience a lot smoother to deal with. Always schedule in a lunch hour into your day to keep yourself fed and refreshed. And if you’re working from your computer more often, don’t forget the 20-20-20 rule. Prevent eye strain by giving those peepers a rest at least every twenty minutes.


With time and positivity, working remotely can reveal a new outlook on how you move with your career in the future. How are you planning on navigating your home office life? Let us know in the comments!

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