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Your closet is a part of you; it shows your level of creativity and reveals how you feel about yourself and how you want to be presented to the world. Most people wouldn’t think twice about the correlation between the organization of your closet and your ability to translate style, but there is a strong connection. If you’re unable to properly see your clothes and shoes, how well do you really know how to pair the items? Closet organization, depending upon how many of your material friends make up the population, can be overwhelming. Clutter can make you just decide to grab some jeans and a t-shirt to avoid dealing with finding what you want to wear. WE KNOW. We’ve been there. But we’re also here to share some valuable tips on managing your closet space in an efficient way to not only get you organized but to further inspire your style horizons. 


Hang it Up 

First and foremost, your clothes should not be all over the floor. Hanging up your shirts at least will take a load off of your floor and your chores as well. Hanging your clothes allows you to properly go through your garments thus helping you make better fashion choices. If you need a little guidance, click here for options


Shoes Shoes Shoes

A simple way to organize your shoes is to color code them with the clothes hanging inside. If all of your black shoes are in one place, try placing your black shoes with those items. You can even place a pair (or pairs) of shoes you enjoy wearing with your favorite items of clothing. This may promote a shopping habit however the clothes you already have will be in their rightful, creating a cohesive look to your closet.  For an in-depth on shoe organization take a look at this article by famed personal organizer  Helena, “  9 Creative Ways to Store and Organize Your Shoes “. 


Our apartments in Lewisville, Texas offer spacious closets that allow you to maximize your storage space, so every piece of clothing and she has its rightful place in your home. Stay organized and enjoy your home at Hebron 121!


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