Hebron and The Pumpkin

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Tis’ the season to be…spooky! Yes, it’s that time of year where your coat makes it’s return to the scene, scary movie marathons run in syndication, and the essence of the pumpkin is again revered. From Pumpkin spice lattes to Pumpkin scented candles and oils, the fruit’s time to shine is upon us. You can do many things with a pumpkin however today’s focus is on the act of Pumpkin Carving.


The Beginning

Pumpkin Carving, although commonly known as a part of American folklore, is actually derived from an old European Folktale of a sneaky man named “ Sneaky Jack” who had several encounters with the Devil. Making a deal with him to not accept his soul into hell when he died, he was sent to roam the Earth searching for a place to inhabit. Doing so with a lit coal to light his way, he placed the coal into a turnip and has been said to have haunted children around the world ever since. It is the belief in that story that led to people lighting a candle and placing inside of a pumpkin to ward off evil spirits. 


The Carve

Now that we know the history of carving thee ol Jack-O-Lantern, It’s now time to learn how to actually do the carving. The first step is to take your pumpkin and with a marker or pencil, draw a circle along the top where you will be making the incision to begin removing the innards. Then begin cutting along the outline. Once that is done, cut a circle into the inside of the pumpkin to make way for the next step, hollowing out the fruit. Use a spoon to scrape out the seeds and debris until the inside is completely hollowed out; depending on the thickness of the skin you may want to scrape alongside the part of your pumpkin where your graphic will be displayed. After that, you will take a marker to begin drawing the outline of whatever design you would like to carve into your pumpkin. Once that is done, the final step will be to begin to carve out the outline the design drawn onto your pumpkin. Wipe off any visible pen marks from your design outline, grab a tea candle, and VOILA! You are now a pumpkin carving master. We suggest cleaning up as you go but for tips on how to maintain a clean space during and after your carving project, click here


The Patch

Finding a pumpkin is pretty easy this time of year. From pop up patches in town to your local grocery store, it should be fairly easy to find one for your carving project. Be sure to pay a visit to Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch, a local patch near Lewisville, TX. 


The fall season is here and it’s a very festive time of year. Don’t forget to grab your pumpkin and allow your creativity to shine!


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