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Life is a gift in itself and surviving the current pandemic makes it all the more valuable. The holiday season is upon us and to begin the spirit of cheer we’d like to share our spirit of gratefulness. We are grateful for each and every one of you who resides at Hebron 121 and all the life that you bring to our wonderful community and we are sure many of you have much to be grateful for as well. Here are some great tips on keeping the attitude of gratitude all month long.  

Self Appreciation 

Everything begins within so it may be difficult to spread the grateful vibes if you’re not grateful for the biggest player in your life, YOU. Life can throw some curveballs and we know it gets hard but one way to stay positive if by reciting some positive affirmations. Speaking some positive words over yourself can be just the push you need to go out and conquer the world. Looking in the mirror and just saying “Today is going to be a great day” can be the catalyst for a life-changing perspective. Speak some positivity and carpe diem! 

Old to You, New to Them 

Have some old clothes you’d like to get rid of? Or maybe you have a box of canned goods that you really don’t have plans to use. The holiday season is a great way to give back and show that you’re grateful for the opportunity to be a giver. Finding a local food bank in Lewisville like Farmer’s Market Food Pantry can make a huge difference to someone in need of food this year. We all deserve a warm meal in our bellies so let's pass on the same opportunity we are afforded and blessed to have. 

Having an attitude of gratitude makes life a bit easier. It allows you to put things in a more positive perspective and remain hopeful in times of despair. Stay positive this November. Stay grateful!


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