How to Make the Most of the Amenities at Hebron 121

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Your home’s amenities give it the special something that sets it apart from the rest; or at least from your last home.  From the indoor to outdoor amenities there are many reasons to love your home. Most of us have amenities and appliances that we have never used that would be of great use to us. 


Storage & Appliances

Storage in any home is vital. You must have enough space for your items. Where you store certain things is also crucial to the preservation and use of those items as well. Your home at Hebron 121 is no stranger to storage but are you making the most of it? From our spacious closets to the built-in computer desks, we try to ensure you have all the space you need. These days most of us laptops and tablets we can take on the go. For those who may not have use for a computer desk, you can utilize this space for other things like family photos, racks to hold loose paperwork, or even for plants. No matter what you choose, getting creative with your storage is solely up to you. 

We usually store cleaning items under the sink in the kitchen, bathroom, or the shelves near the washer and dryer (if present). However, if you have young children or even pets that like to snoop around the house, you are going to want to ensure these items are safely put away. The washer and dryer themselves can be used as storage when not in use. Stand your cleaning detergents upright inside and close the lid; now the products are in a clean, cool area and away from those that the chemicals can be most damaging to. 

Breakfast Bar

Styling your kitchen Island or counters can really add some flare to your home. Many just look at a Breakfast Bar, as just a place to store some of your kitchen items and a possible place to dine. However entertaining guests can be done here just simply accentuating it with the rest of your home through accessorizing. Try adding some beautiful vases or flowers to add some color and soften up the room. Rustic accessories also add a level of vintage and elegance if that’s the look desired which would match the Oil-Rubbed Bronze Hardware featured in some of our select homes; Satin Nickel is available as well. 


Utilize your home’s amenities to the fullest and bring out all of your home’s design potential! 

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