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Hebron 121 Station  living room
Hebron 121 Station
DIY Halloween Decorations That Transition Into Thanksgiving at Hebron 121 Station

Fall DIY Projects You Can Create for Your Apartment at Hebron 121 Station

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The apartments at Hebron 121 Station features premium carpeting, designer color schemes, shaker wood cabinetry, and granite countertops. As a result of these luxury finishes, you're free to focus on adding personalized touches to make your rental home extra special for fall 2021. The JOANN Lewisville Store and many other nearby craft stores stock inexpensive supplies for DIY interior decor projects.

Why DIY?

Making your home accessories lets you save money and showcase your creative skills. DIY seasonal trending decor is also often easy to repurpose. For example, you can turn fall-themed wreaths into winter holiday season decorations with the addition of fairy lights, tinsel, and holly. What's more, working on interior decor projects with family gives everyone the chance to spend time together.

Get Inspired By These Decor Ideas

1. Wooden fruit bowls filled with harvest produce, pumpkins, acorns, leaves, twigs, and dried flower arrangements make great table centerpieces and take little time to put together.

2. Turn mason jars into seasonal ornaments or lanterns by filling them with foil foliage or tealights. Apply a single layer of green glass acrylic paint to give the lanterns a haunting glow for Halloween.

3. Make reusable fall wreaths using foam rings, florist wire, synthetic flowers, leaves, and acorns. You can also use hot glue to attach ghoulish items, such as plastic bats and rubber skeletons.

4. Transform neutral-colored cushion covers using fabric paints, dyes, or glue-on embellishments. Wrapping cushions in colorful, leaf print silk fabric is also an option.

5. After Halloween, remove any spooky-themed items and depictions, such as skulls and spiderwebs, from your DIY fall decorations to get ready for Thanksgiving family gatherings. Keep the pumpkins, fall foliage, autumnal scents, and textured fabrics.

Apartment Living Conveniences

Following a day of DIY, take the night off and enjoy takeout food from The Phil Up Station in your transformed apartment. The restaurant boasts a wood-fired brick pizza oven and lies within the resort-style community. Menu items include vegan and gluten-free options.

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