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Hebron 121 Station

How to Use Small Spaces

How to Use Small Spaces

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How big is your apartment? Your answer to this will depend on what your needs are. A studio apartment may be significant for someone living alone, but for someone who lives with their pet, the same space may be considered tiny. Well, you can choose an apartment of any size at the resort-style Hebron 121 Station apartments in Lewisville, TX. While you will probably have enough space, here are some small space hacks you need to know if you ever feel like the room is smaller than you would like it to be.

Creating a Relaxing Nook in Small Spaces

No matter how small your apartment is, decorating is very important. It makes the place feel comfortable and personalized. Be creative with the decoration items you use. Some small space decorating tips include using mirrors, investing in hanging décor, and using decorative lights.

When decorating, bring in your favorite pieces. Souvenirs and memoirs from recent trips and family members are great ideas. Simply remember to keep everything as simple as possible. Hanging shelves and meaningful wall hanging are some great apartments living décor ideas.

Organizing Hacks

Clutter and disorganization in your apartment will only make it unappealing to look at and live in. You need to ensure that the house is organized at all times. The first step is to reduce clutter. Sort out the things in the place, only keeping what is necessary. After decluttering, neatly arrange everything in the house.

Consider using multifunctional furniture. These are furniture pieces that serve more than one purpose. They may include a bed with a storage compartment beneath it, a sofabed, or the ottoman that also serves as a coffee table. This kind of furniture means saving space while still getting the necessary functionality.

Beyond the Four Walls of Apartment Living

No matter how small your apartment is, you still get some space outside. For instance, the doorway is suitable for decorating with potted plants, while your balcony is yet another space you can personalize. Also, make use of shared amenities to ensure you live comfortably. For instance, exercise at the gym instead of setting up a home workout area.

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